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Poll: Vote for the Fantasy Basketball Hall of Fame

A select few in the annals of the game will be elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, but those who don’t make the cut shouldn’t despair. If you compiled great conventional stats on losing teams, or powered many a fantasy league championship despite never quite getting over the hump in the real NBA playoffs, this idea is for you…

The premise: create a Hall of Fame for the best fantasy basketball players of all time. The requirements:

  1. Only stats compiled from 1990 to the present are considered, because fantasy hoops was not really a mainstream activity until the nineties.
  2. Players must have played at least 5 years as a fantasy starter in a 12-team league (or similar) from 1990-present.
  3. The player must be retired and/or out of basketball in 2010 (no current players allowed).
  4. Only consider fantasy value in standard league setups — i.e., 12 teams, 8 categories, roto, head-to-head, or basic points. In other words, no super-shallow or deep leagues, and no exotic scoring systems.
  5. Players are ineligible if they have more than a remote chance of making the real Basketball Hall of Fame.

To be enshrined, players must receive at least 75% of the vote; those with 5% or fewer will be dropped from future elections. Here’s the inaugural ballot (voting will close in 1 week):

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