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How Good Would Bias Have Been?

LenBiasAs you might imagine, Len Bias‘ name comes up quite a bit in Bill Simmons’ new Book of Basketball. As a lifelong Celtics fan, I understand the emotions that surround the very mention of Bias’ name — for instance, my father was convinced Bias was going to be almost as good as Bird, and take the torch from Larry Legend as he extended the C’s dynasty into the 1990s. (Instead, Reggie Lewis died, and we got Rick Pitino & Antoine Walker. Go figure.) So I can see why Bias is such a burning “what if?” for the NBA, and Celtics fans in particular, because he represents untapped potential and a posthumous legend that’s only grown by leaps and bounds since his tragic demise. But I want to know — coldly, rationally — how good Bias could have legitimately been if we put down the green-tinted glasses: What were his college numbers like? What were people saying about him before the draft? In other words, I want to remove the James Dean aspect from the Bias story and focus solely on the facts at hand.

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