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BBR Mailbag: ’90s Knicks

It’s time for a very special edition of the Mailbag, since the questions come from my colleague Chase Stuart of the PFR Blog:

My memories of the ’90s Knicks is that they were a very good team that always just came up short. They were a defensive powerhouse. They probably should have won a championship or two.

But hey, I was a teenager who knew nothing about objective sports analysis. So I’m curious what an objective, intelligent view of those old Knicks would tell me. Maybe you can get a blog post out of this. But I’m thinking…

• How awesome was the Knicks D back then? It seemed to be pretty awesome in the postseason, too. I recall Miami being the A- defense to the Knicks having the A defense. Did the NYK actually have the #1 D? Where does their best D rank historically?

• How awesome was Ewing? Defensively and overall?

• Should the Knicks have won a championship in the ’90s? Were they ever the best team?

• Were any of the role players actually any good? Starks, Mason, Oakley, Ward, Childs, X-Man, etc. They all seemed like a bunch of gritty guys; they almost sound like the ’01 Patriots as I think back on them.

• Any other thoughts you can think of?

Okay Chase, let’s talk the 1990s Knicks…

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Will Artest Love L.A.? And Will They Love Him Back?

Over in the comments of our offseason transactions thread, there’s an interesting discussion about the recent de facto “trade” between the Lakers and Rockets, which essentially ended up swapping Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest straight-up.

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Shawn Marion & the “Nash Effect”

When I wrote about Steve Nash’s pair of somewhat controversial MVP selections last week, I held up the decline of Shawn Marion’s game after leaving Phoenix as an example of the way Nash helped his teammates put up offensive numbers that were beyond their “true” ability level. However, a reader was quick to point out that while Nash had an effect on Marion, the inverse was also true, and that Marion’s decline was probably due more to age, injuries, and 2 different teams than Nash’s absence.

So today I decided to use Roland Beech’s great stats at to take a closer look at Marion’s numbers with and without Nash to try and show even more clearly how much he benefited from the terrific synergy they developed together in Phoenix.

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